New Hotel Luggage Rack

Black budget-friendly luggage rack for hotels

A new, ultra compact and budget-friendly hotel luggage rack!

The Roootz Classic Luggage Rack – Made in Europe

    Another brand new budget-friendly Roootz luggage rack; The Roootz Classic Luggage Rack. This luggage rack is made of European beechwood and equipped with 4 black nylon straps. The luggage rack has an Easy fold-up design for space-saving storage and it can be used with the roootz wall hooks. The luggage rack is lightweight, designed with an eye for detail and budget-friendly. The black color gives this luggage rack a timeless look. This luggage rack is suitable for use with trolleys and travel bags, but it is also possible to use this luggage rack for a large suitcase. The luggage racks are available from stock!

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Productnews – New Luggage Rack for Roootz:

Luggage rack roootz traveler available with different straps

Roootz proudly presents the new mix & match luggage rack!

The Roootz Traveler Luggage Rack

    We are proud to introduce our brand new budget-friendly luggage rack; The roootz traveler luggage rack. This suitcase stand is made of steel with a black matt finish and is available with nylon or genuine leather straps to make a perfect match with the hotel room interior. This luggage rack is lightweight, nicely designed and budget-friendly. The black steel frame gives the suitcase stand a cool modern look, but the timeless shape makes this luggage stand also suitable for a more classic hotel room. Available by the end of November. Samples are available from stock already.

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Wall hooks to efficiently store hotel luggage racks

Store Hotel Luggage Racks with these wall hooks

The Roootz HOOK Wall Hooks:
The roootz wall hooks can be easily mounted on the wall and can be used to efficiently store luggage racks on the wall. With limited space in a room hotels can still offer their guests the luxury of a luggage rack. The roootz hook wall hooks can be used with the Roootz Compact Luggage Racks. (in both stainless steel and wood)
The wall hooks can also be used for storing the Roootz Store Ironing Boards on the wall or in the wardrobe, and for storing clothes hangers or bags in the hotel room. Complete according to the Roootz Mix and Match concept!
The hooks are made of stainless steel with a matt black finish. Furthermore, the wall hooks have a leather cover. (available in black or brown leather) This gives the wall hooks a luxurious look and the leather ensures that the luggage racks cannot be damaged when they are placed on the hooks. More info? View the product page of the Roootz HOOK wall hooks here

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Leather Wall Hook for Hotel luggage racks ironing boards cloth hangers

Donation Weforest | 4720 Trees

Tree Donation WeForest Roootz

Good news! Roootz has planted 1029 trees in Zambia in 2020 in collaboration with WeForest. The total number of trees planted is now 4720. We are proud and grateful to contribute to a better world by selling our luggage racks, hospitality trays and ironing stations.

How do we do this? When purchasing 3 products from the roootz product range, roootz plants a tree in collaboration with Weforest. The first 4 years we contributed to a project in India. This India project is completely finished! In 2020 we started with trees for a project in Zambia.

Why do we do this? Roootz would like to do something to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere and fight global warming. Trees are one of the most effective ways to stop global warming because of the carbon they remove from the atmosphere.

Trees also help to balance the water cycle and improve soil fertility. Want to read more about how planting trees can help reduce CO2 in the atmosphere? Have a look at our WeForest website, we would like to inspire more companies to do something good for our planet.

Luggage Racks for Silversea Cruise Ship


At the end of 2020, Roootz delivered luggage racks to Silversea Cruises. Via our distributor B-Tray we have been asked to provide the cruise ship Silvermoon with the Roootz Compact Luggage Racks in stainless steel, with gray nylon straps. A very nice order of no less than 620 luggage racks. The Silvermoon is equipped with all luxury to make a great cruise. We are very happy and proud that Silversea has chosen the Roootz luggage racks and we wish the Silvermoon a safe journey.

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Roootz Hospitality Trays with Coffee Machine

Hospitality Tray with Nespresso vertuo coffee machine

Roootz hospitality trays with Nespresso Vertuo

Nespresso has introduced a new coffee machine; The Nespresso Vertuo.
A luxury coffee machine to prepare various types of coffee by using coffee cups. This coffee machine has a rotatable watertank and is therefore flexible in size. Roootz has tested this coffee machine and we have good news! This coffee machine fits perfectly on the roootz hospitality trays.

For our hospitality trays we have chosen to move the watertank to the back of the machine. The coffee machine takes up less space in width in this way.

  • Roootz Napoli Tray:For the Roootz Napoli tray it is possible to store 4 to 8 Vertuo coffee cups in the drawer. Next to the coffee machine it’s possible to place 2 cups or glasses on the tray as well as a kettle.
  • Roootz Venezia Hospitality Tray:For the roootz Venezia tray it is possible to place 2 Vertuo coffee cups in one of the storage compartments. Would you like to give your hotel guests more coffee capsules during their stay? It is also possible to put it on the tray in front of the leaflet holder. There is also enough space for the kettle and the cups or glasses.

The roootz Napoli welcome trays with the Vertuo coffee machine and waterkettle base + Cups:
Roootz Koffie en Thee Tray met Nespresso Vertuo Koffie machine

The roootz Venezia coffee and tea trays with the Vertuo coffee machine and kettle base:
Hospitality tray met Nespresso Vertuo Koffie machine

Vertuo Coffee Machine Measurements:

Nespresso Vertuo Koffie machine AfmetingenNespresso Vertuo Koffie machine Afmetingen

More info? Send us an e-mail, give us a call or request a quote.

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Hospitality Trays with drawer

hotel trays | hospitality trays with drawer

Roootz compact hospitality trays

Do you want your hotel guests to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in their room? These roootz hospitality trays are a perfect solution. The trays are compact because they are provided with a drawer. Perfect for dust-free storage of tea bags, nespresso cups, cookies, spoons and sugar bags. Both hospitality trays are available with a kettle, coffee machine, coffee cups and tea glasses. Mix and match the hospitality tray according to your own wishes.

  • Roootz Roma Hospitality Tray: A compact hospitality tray made of wood. The drawer is equipped with removable dividers, find the best layout yourself. In short; a space-saving tray with a luxurious look.
  • Roootz Napoli Tray: A luxurious hospitality tray made of artificial leather suitable for a coffee machine and a kettle. The drawer is finished with stitching and has 4 compartments.

More info? Send us an e-mail, give us a call or request a quote..

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NEW: Roootz Hospitality Trays

Welcome trays for coffee and tea in  hotel rooms:
Welcome trays for coffee and tea in hotel rooms:

Roootz hospitality trays have been developed to ensure your guests a pleasant stay in your hotel. These two hospitality trays are made of ABS. An easy to clean, super strong and hygienic material. Both Roootz trays are available with a kettle, coffee machine, coffee cups and tea glasses. Mix and match your favorite combi yourself!

  • Roootz Milano Hospitality Tray: A Compact Welcome Tray with anti-theft protection for the kettle. 3 compartments for tea bags and a large compartment for sugar, milk, spoons and treats. Perfect for tea and instant coffee in hotel rooms. A budget-friendly welcome tray.
  • Roootz Venezia Nespresso tray: A luxurious Nespresso Tray suitable for use with a coffee machine and various kettle models, with compartments for condiments and coffee capsules. Also available with an A5 Leaflet holder. (Roootz Design or according to your own hotel branding)

More info? Send us an e-mail, give us a call or request a quote. .

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3691 Trees planted by Roootz & WeForest

WeForest 3691 Trees Planted | ROOOTZ Hotel Products

With the purchase of every 3 Roootz Luggage Racks 1 tree will be planted in India.

Roootz has donated to plant 1291 trees over the year 2019. The total  number of trees donated by roootz is now 3691!

Trees are one of the most effective solutions to halt global warming due to the carbon they remove from the atmosphere. 

Trees also contribute to balancing the water cycle and improving soilfertility.

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time in now!

Want to read more about how planting trees can contribute to reducing CO2 in the atmosphere? Please take a look at our WeForest website.

We hope to inspire more companies to do something for our planet. 

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New roootz luggage rack:

Stainless Steel Luggage Racks | Hotel Suitcase Stands
New! The roootz compact luggage rack in stainless steel

  • Welded stainless steel with brushed chrome finish
  • Easy fold-up design for space-saving storage
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Designed in the Netherlands
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Three strong straps
  • Roootz plants a tree for every 3 luggage racks sold

The well-known roootz luggage rack “The Roootz Compact Luggage Rack” is now also available in stainless steel. Roootz is super proud of this brand new sturdy and stable luggage rack!  This Luggage Rack is available from stock with 6 different strap options. (leather and nylon)

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