Black Steel Luggage Racks

Black Steel Luggage Rack STAY

The Roootz STAY Black Steel Luggage Racks for Hotels

  • Solid steel frame with black nylon straps
  • Very compact and foldable
  • 2-year warranty
  • Dutch design
  • Strong and stable
  • Fits perfectly in the wardrobe
  • Three sturdy nylon straps
  • Budget-friendly model
  • Rounded corners – female shape
  • Produced with attention to detail

Luggage Rack Color

Plateau de bienvenue à bois noir
Steel Black

Luggage Rack Strap Color

Nylon black

Extra options

Wall hooks to fix the luggage rack to the wall

Logo board ring on the nylon straps

Wall hooks to hang up the luggage rack

Discover Our Black Steel Luggage Racks for Hotels

The Roootz Stay is a modern black steel luggage rack, specially designed for hotels. These luggage racks not only provide a practical solution for storing luggage but also add a touch of style to every hotel room. Designed with Dutch precision, these luggage racks are a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics.

Very Compact and Foldable:
Maximize space in your hotel rooms. Our luggage racks can easily be folded into a compact size when not in use.

2-Year Warranty:
We believe in the durability of our products. Therefore, we confidently offer a 2-year warranty on our luggage racks.

Dutch Design:
Experience the craftsmanship of Dutch design. This luggage rack is carefully designed to meet high standards of functionality and aesthetics.

Strong and Stable:
Our luggage racks are produced with the highest quality materials. This makes them strong and stable.

Fits Perfectly in the Wardrobe or on the roootz hook wall hooks:
Seamlessly integrate this luggage racks into your hotel room. The compact design ensures the luggage rack fits perfectly in the wardrobe. It is also possible to store the luggage racks on the roootz hook wall hooks. The wall hooks are made of black steel and available with a black or cognac color leather cover. This hooks can be installed to the wall, and the luggage rack can be stored on the wall hooks.

Three Strong Nylon Straps:
Keep luggage securely in place with three robust nylon straps, providing your guests with an organized and tidy space.

Budget-Friendly Model:
Quality doesn’t has to be expensive. Our luggage racks offer excellent value for your hotel furnishing.

Nicely Finished – Rounded Corners – Round Shapes:
Aesthetics meet functionality. The beautiful design with rounded corners and round shapes ensures an elegant appearance.

Produced with Attention to Detail:
Every luggage rack is produced with care, paying attention to the smallest details. This creates a quality product that exceeds your guests’ expectations.

Upgrade the hospitality of your hotel with our black steel luggage racks. Stylish, functional, and affordable – a perfect addition to your guest rooms.

Also available in white and silver

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