Hotel Products Dutch design

Dutch design

The roootz products are designed exclusively in Holland. This is why we call them “Dutch design”. We strive for excellence with our unique blend of functional design and attention to detail using simple shapes and high quality materials. By carefully considering aspects like size and choice of materials in our design, we guarantee a decent product at a fair price.
Hotel products with a 2-year warranty

2-year warranty

All roootz products come with a 2-year warranty. We are convinced of the quality of our products and we guarantee a fast and correct after sales.
Hotel Products designed with an eye for detail


Roootz products are all designed with attention to detail. When we design, we put functionality and design first. With our products, we want to make a unique contribution to creating attractive hotel rooms.
Luggage rack for hotel modern black steel

Suitcase racks

A suitcase rack is an essential product for hotel rooms. The hotel guests can place the suitcase or trolley on this for easy packing and unpacking. Roootz offers luggage racks in a variety of sizes, colors, materials and finishes. A wooden suitcase rack with leather straps or a stainless steel suitcase rack with nylon straps? Everything is possible! Of course, a suitcase rack can also be designed to your specifications upon request. The roootz suitcase racks are specially designed and manufactured for the hotel industry. In addition to major hotel chains and hotels, our luggage racks have already been supplied to hospitals, cruise lines, nursing homes and Bed and breakfasts.
Nespresso Tray Black Hotel Tray
Hotel Tray with space for coffee machine

Hospitality tray

A hospitality tray is a must for every hotel room. With a welcome tray, offer your guests coffee and tea facilities in the hotel room. Roootz has a wide range of coffee trays. Models range from budget-friendly to luxury versions. Of course, the trays and kettles are also available separately. How about a Nespresso tray in faux leather equipped with a drawer for compact and dust-free storage of tea bags, sugar sachets and coffee cups? Or a hospitality tray that features a cutout and anti-theft protection for a kettle. At roootz you can compose your entire tray yourself. Would you like cups with it? No problem! We can even brand the cups with your hotel logo for you. Would you prefer to use your own hotel kettle? Or do you have your own coffee machine? That too is among the possibilities.
Ironing Station for Hotels Complete set Roootz

Ironing stations

An ironing station or a separate ironing board with iron are essential products to offer in the hotel room. Clothes will wrinkle in a suitcase or trolley. Roootz has a wide range of ironing boards to give hotel guest the opportunity to iron their clothes. It is possible to mix and match according to your own needs: Just an ironing board with an iron, or a full ironing set with an ironing board, iron, wall hook and iron holder. Roootz has steam- and dry irons to combine with the sets. Most important for the irons: Safety. The irons are specially designed for hotel use with special safety features like: overheating protection, red ‘in use’ light, motion sensor with automatic switch-off (after 30 seconds in horizontal position and when not in use and after 8 minutes in vertical position) Do you have any special needs for the ironing sets? Let us know! We can offer more ironing products than we show on our website.

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