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Luggage Racks Wood
COMPACT Suitcase Stand
Luggageracks wood
Luggage Racks Wood
COMPACT + Backstand
Hotel luggageracks with backstand
Luggage Racks Steel
COMPACT Steel Black
suitcase stand for hotels modern design black steel with straps in leather or nylon
Luggage Racks Steel
COMPACT Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Luggage Racks for hotels
TRAVELER Luggage Rack
Black Steel
Bespoke Luggage Rack Specials Roootz
CLASSIC Luggage Rack
Black Wood
Luggage Rack black with black straps
Luggage Racks Wood
CURVY Hotel Luggage Rack
Wooden Hotel Luggage Racks
HOOK Wall Hook
For luggage rack
Wall Hook For Luggage Rack Leather
Bespoke Luggage Rack
Bespoke Luggage Rack Specials Roootz
on the straps

A luggage rack is an essential product for hotel rooms. The hotel guests can store their suitcase or trolley on the luggage rack to pack and unpack easily. Roootz offers luggage racks in various sizes, colors, materials and finishes. A wooden luggage stand with leather straps or a stainless steel luggage rack with nylon straps? Everything is possible! Of course it is also possible to design a special luggage rack upon request. The roootz hotel products are especially designed and produced for the hotel industry. Our products have already been installed in large hotel chains, cruise operators, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and Bed & Breakfasts. Please take a look at our product selection listed above.

What makes the roootz luggage racks so special?

  • High quality and 2 years warranty
    The roootz luggage racks have a very high quality and a luxurious appearance. All roootz luggage racks have a standard warranty of 2 years. With this roootz wants to assure the customer that the racks are top quality.
  • Exclusive luggage racks
    Roootz supplies exclusive luggage racks with an innovative design. Not the standard luggage racks that can be found on every street corner, but luggage racks that are designed with an eye for detail. Every detail is worked out with the utmost precision, and during production strict quality checks are made to ensure that the roootz luggage racks look perfect.
  • Durable luggage racks
    The roootz luggage racks are durable. They have a very long lifespan. Also, roootz plants a tree for every 3 trunk racks sold in cooperation with WeForest. Buying roootz racks means automatically contributes to a greener soil, less CO2 in the air, and racks that last a very long time. Check the Roootz – Weforest partnerpage here. 
  • Available from stock
    The roootz luggage racks are available from stock. So no need to wait for months, just order and get delivered super-fast.
  • Lightweight and stable luggage racks
    The roootz luggage racks are lightweight but very stable. By using wood or steel, the construction of the roootz luggage racks is super strong. The roootz luggage racks are extensively tested and can carry heavy suitcases or trolleys with ease. The luggage rack straps are made of nylon of 2mm thick OR of very strong quality leather. Indestructible, strong, and also very nice to look at.
  • Luggage racks with a compact design
    When designing her luggage racks, Roootz took into account the fact that there is a demand for compact luggage racks. Most hotel rooms are not very spacious. For these hotels, compact hotel furniture is essential. The roootz luggage racks are foldable so they can easily be stored in the closet, on the wall, or under the bed. There are even hotels that mount the roootz luggage racks on the wall as a work of art! Because say for yourself, the roootz luggage racks are just beautiful to look at?!
  • Luggage rack specials are possible
    Are you looking for a special luggage rack that is not to be found in the extensive assortment of roootz? Ordering a special is easy at roootz. Because of the short lines of communication with the factories and the high degree of flexibility roootz can act at short notice and to produce a sample and start mass production together with the customer and the factory. Whether it’s a standard model of the roootz luggage racks in a different size or color, or a completely new luggage rack model. Roootz likes to think along with its customers and the possibilities are endless.
  • Roootz can also produce Customized luggage racks
    Customized luggage racks
    are possible at roootz. Would you like a luggage rack with your logo or hotel branding? That’s possible! We can replace the roootz logo on the luggage racks with your logo and we can have your logo embroidered on the luggage rack bands. Would you rather have a spell embroidered on the straps to wish your hotel guests a pleasant stay? Or do you have another creative idea? Roootz is happy to think along with you to meet these wishes. 
  • Roootz produces her own luggage racks
    Roootz has the production of her luggage racks in its own hands. Because of its own production, it is possible to act quickly and roootz can guarantee the high quality of the product.
  • Service and speed
    Roootz goes for 100% customer satisfaction. Service is of paramount importance at roootz. Roootz guarantees that it will always respond to its customers within 24 hours. Whether it’s a question, a quotation request, or an order, we will always contact you within 24 hours. Buying a luggage rack at roootz means that you can count on very good service and fast and correct order processing. An extensive reference list can be found on the reference page
  • Spare parts are easy to order
    It is possible to buy spare parts for the roootz luggage racks. For example, it is possible to buy some extra sets of straps so they can be replaced if necessary. It is also possible to temporarily click the set of extra straps on the luggage rack if the standard straps of the luggage rack are cleaned and the luggage racks are still needed in the rooms.