Luggage Racks Hotel Room

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Luggage Racks Wood
COMPACT Suitcase Stand
Luggageracks wood
Luggage Racks Wood
COMPACT + Backstand
Hotel luggageracks with backstand
Luggage Racks Wood
CURVY Hotel Luggage Rack
Wooden Hotel Luggage Racks
Luggage Racks Steel
COMPACT Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Luggage Racks for hotels

A luggage rack is an essential product for hotel rooms. The hotel guests can store their suitcase or trolley on the luggage rack to pack and unpack easily. Roootz offers luggage racks in various sizes, colors, materials and finishes. A wooden luggage stand with leather straps or a stainless steel luggage rack with nylon straps? Everything is possible! Of course it is also possible to design a special luggage rack upon request. The roootz hotel products are especially designed and produced for the hotel industry. Our products have already been installed in large hotel chains, cruise operators, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and Bed & Breakfasts. Please take a look at our product selection listed above.