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Ironing board
Hotel Ironing board modern design BLACK
Ironing station
Easy – SET – STEAM
Compact Hotel Ironing Board with steam iron and hook
Ironing station
Easy – SET – DRY
Compact ironing board wardrobe
Ironing board
Ironing board with hook for the wardrobe
Ironing Station
Store – SET – STEAM
Ironing Centre Set with wall hook for hotels Roootz Store
Wall Hook for Store
Hanging ironing board
Wall Hook For Ironing Board Roootz
Steam Iron
Steam 1600W
Steam iron for hotels 1600W
Dry Iron
Dry 1000W
Dry Iron for Hotels 1000W
Wall hook and iron rest
Support Store – Easy
Support for iron and hook for ironing board

An ironing station or a separate ironing board with iron are standard needs in a hotel room. Clothes will wrinkle in the suitcase or trolley. It is therefore very pleasant to offer the hotel guest the opportunity to iron their clothes in the hotel room. Roootz has a wide range of ironing boards. The models can be put together according to your own wishes. Just an ironing board with an iron, or a full ironing set with an ironing board, iron, wall hook and iron holder. It is possible to mix and match the set that fits your interior and budget at roootz. Are you looking for a different size? Or do you have another wish or question? Let us know! We have a wider range than we can display on our website. Feel free to check our items or request a quote for all our ironing stations.

Why choose the roootz ironing boards – irons or ironing stations?

• 2-year warranty, high quality – luxurious appearance
The roootz ironing stations are designed with the utmost precision. The starting points for the design are: Ease of use and strength – stability and safety. The appearance of the ironing stations has also been considered, to make them a very nice addition to the hotel room. The color of the ironing board frames is black in combination with anthracite gray cover. The steam irons are equipped with safety features such as a motion sensor with automatic switch-off (after 30 seconds in horizontal position and when not in use and after 8 minutes in vertical position). All roootz ironing stations and irons come with a standard 2-year warranty as roootz wants to assure the customer that the ironing stations are really of top quality.

• Ironing boards designed with an eye for detail
Roootz supplies exclusive ironing stations with a nice design. The roootz ironing units are designed with an eye for detail. Every detail is worked out with the utmost precision, and strict quality checks are done during production to ensure that the roootz ironing stations look perfect. The roootz ironing stations are designed to hang in the wardrobe. But it is also possible to attach them to a hook on the wall. They can be seen!

• Complete ironing sets for sale
At Roootz it is possible to purchase a complete ironing set in one go. An ironing board with hook, an iron holder, a wall hook to hang the ironing board and a steam iron. Mix and match as you wish. Buying a complete ironing unit at roootz therefore means getting all supplies delivered in one order.

• Safety is number 1!
Roootz irons are specially made for hotels. This includes “motion sensors” that ensure that the iron switches off when it is standing in a horizontal position for 30 seconds without movement OR when it has been placed in a vertical position for 8 minutes without movement. A safe idea for everyone. The iron is also equipped with an overheating protection, an anti-stick soleplate and a red “in use” light.

• Durable Ironing Stations
The roootz ironing stations are durable. They have a very long lifespan and roootz plants a tree for every 3 ironing station sets sold in collaboration with WeForest. Buying ironing stations from roootz automatically means making a contribution to a greener earth, less CO2 in the air and ironing stations that last a very long time.

• Available from stock
The roootz ironing sets are available from stock. Mix and match the product of your choice by choosing between the different parts. No waiting for months, just order and get it delivered super fast.

• Anti-theft system and gliders
A number of the roootz ironing parts are equipped with an anti-theft system. (the iron is attached to the ironing board) to make sure it will not disappear in the trolley of a hotel visitor. Furthermore, all ironing boards are fitted with gliders, to prevent damage to the floor

• Compact Ironing Boards
Roootz has compact ironing boards in its range that can be easily stored in any wardrobe. This is perfect for hotels where the rooms are not that big, but still want to provide the hotel guest with all comforts. If there is no wardrobe in the room, the ironing boards can also be hung on a hook on the wall. Or on a loose rod..

• Help customer with alternative ironing products
Roootz likes to think along with its customers. Can’t find what you are looking for in the roootz range? Feel free to ask us for other options. Roootz still has many alternative options in terms of ironing boards and irons. Let us know your wishes and we will look for a suitable product for you.

• Speed – Service – Quality
Roootz goes for 100% service and therefore guarantees that it will always respond to its customers within 24 hours. Whether it is a question, a request for quotation or an order, we will always contact you within 24 hours. Buying an ironing station at roootz means that you can also count on a very good service, fast and correct order processing, and high product quality. Check the roootz reference page here.