White Suitcase Stand for hotels

Suticase Stand White STAY

The Roootz Stay Hotel Suitcase Stands – Steel with white Powder Coating

  • White steel Suitcase Stands
  • Very compact and foldable
  • 2-year warranty
  • Dutch design
  • Strong and stable
  • Easily stored in the wardrobe
  • Three strong black nylon straps
  • Budget-friendly model
  • Beautifully finished with rounded corners
  • Finished with attention to detail

Finishing Color

Steel White

Luggage Rack Strap Colors

Nylon black

Extra options

Wall hooks to fix the luggage rack to the wall

Logo board ring on the nylon straps

Wall hooks to hang up the luggage rack

The Roootz Stay White Suitcase Stand for hotels:

With the Roootz Stay sutcase stands, we combine functionality with design. Our white suitcase stands are specially designed for hotels. These luggage stands are not only a practical solution for luggage storage but also add a touch of freshness to every hotel room. Due to the design, these luggage stands are the perfect balance between style and usability.

Compact and Stylish Design:
The Roootz Stay suitcase stands in steel with white powder coating are characterized by their contemporary design with stylish round shapes. These luggage stands not only provide a practical solution for storing luggage, but also add a touch of sophistication to hotel rooms. The round shapes give the suitcase racks an elegant look, while the white powder coating provides a modern and fresh look.

Easy to store and immediately available:
The suitcase stands are very compact and can be stored effortlessly in the cupboard or on wall hooks, optimizing valuable space in hotel rooms. The Roootz Stay suitcase racks are available from stock.

New Design, Budget-friendly and Durable:
With this new suitcase stand design, Roootz sells suitcase stands that are not only stylish, but also affordable. However, the budget-friendly aspect does not come at the expense of sustainability. These suitcase stands are constructed with high-quality steel to ensure long-lasting functionality.

Equipped with 3 Black Nylon Straps:
The suitcase stands are equipped with three sturdy black nylon straps to keep the trolley or suitcase safely in place.

Black Stainless Steel Wall Hooks with Leather Cover:
To further improve the storage options, the Roootz Stay suitcase stands can be supplied with black stainless steel wall hooks. These wall hooks are available with a leather cover in black or cognac-brown leather to ensure that the suitcase racks will not damage. Of course this leather cover gives a luxurious look to the wall hooks. This shows the eye for detail with which Roootz designs its hotel products.

In short: Upgrade the rooms of your hotel with our white suitcase stands. Elegant, functional and affordable – a perfect addition to any hotel, Bed & Breakfast or guest house.

Also available in black and silver

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