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Bespoke Luggage Racks SPECIAL

The Roootz Hotel Luggage Rack Specials
It is possible to order bespoke luggage racks at roootz. In addition to the extensive luggage rack range, Roootz also produces luggage rack specials on request. In collaboration with our design team and factories, we can provide custom solutions to create the perfect luggage rack for your hotel rooms.

Customized Suitcase Racks for Hotels: A Unique Guest Experience
Whether it’s a luxury boutique hotel or a large chain hotel, creating an unforgettable guest experience is essential. An element that is often overlooked but can have a major impact is custom furnishings, such as custom luggage racks. These custom luggage racks not only add functionality, but also contribute to the overall atmosphere of the hotel room. Let’s take a closer look at why custom suitcase stands are worth the investment.

Unique Style and Branding:
Customized suitcase stands offer the opportunity to seamlessly integrate the style and branding of the hotel into the design. By paying attention to details such as colors, materials and shapes, custom suitcase racks can become an extension of the hotel’s unique identity. This contributes to a consistent and memorable brand experience for guests.

Optimal Space Utilization:
Sometimes Standard suitcase racks don’t fit perfectly in all hotel rooms, especially if they vary in size and layout. Customized suitcase racks offer the opportunity to make optimal use of the available space. Whether it’s a compact city center room or a spacious suite, custom suitcase racks can be designed to fit perfectly.

Functionality tailored to Guest needs:
Different guests have different needs. Custom suitcase stands can be designed with specific functions that suit the hotel’s target group. For example, extra storage space for accessories or shoes under the suitcase rack, XL suitcase racks for hotels where hotel guests often come with large suitcases.

Durable Materials and Quality Construction:
By choosing customization, you have control over the materials used, the dimensions, colors and the overall construction of the suitcase racks. This allows you to select sustainable materials that not only have a luxurious appearance, but also withstand intensive use. This contributes to the durability and ease of maintenance of the suitcase racks.

Personalized Guest Journey:
The guest journey begins as soon as a guest steps into the hotel room. Custom suitcase racks add a personalized touch to this trip. Guests feel valued and special when they see that the hotel room is furnished with attention to detail and tailor-made elements.

Custom suitcase racks are not only functional pieces of furniture, but also an opportunity to take the hotel experience to the next level. Investing in custom suitcase racks sets a hotel apart from the competition and creates a unique and unforgettable atmosphere for guests. Customization is not just a luxury, but an investment in creating a lasting impression and building guest loyalty.

Logo board ring on the nylon straps

Wall hooks to hang up the luggage rack

It is possible to order bespoke luggage racks based on the roootz standard luggage rack models, but it is also possible to design and manufacture a luggage rack on demand to create the perfect luggage rack for your hotel rooms.

Roootz Compact Luggage Rack Special:

Roootz Curvy Special Luggage Rack:

Roootz Bespoke luggage racks:

  • In every wood color, but also in stainless steel or in steel
  • In any size
  • Luggage rack as special furniture in wood or HPL / Melamine
  • Steel luggage rack with powder coating in any color
  • Metal luggage rack in copper color
  • Gold colored luggage rack
  • With different colors of leather or nylon straps
  • With logo embroidery on the nylon straps
  • With a leather cover instead of straps
  • 1 tree is planted for every 3 luggage racks sold in cooperation with WeForest

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