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Available from stock | 2 Year Warranty | Designed in the Netherlands
Hospitality tray
Milano – ABS
Hospitality tray ABS
Welcome Tray
Roma – Veneer
Welcome Tray Veneer
Tea Tray
Siena – PU Leather
Hospitality Tray with Kettle and tea glasses
Nespresso Tray
Venezia – ABS
Nespresso Tray ABS
Coffee en Tea Tray
Napoli – PU Leather
Coffee and tea tray PU Leather
Nespresso Tray
Siena – PU Leather
Kettle 0,5L
Kettle 0,5L Eco
Kettle 0,5L
Kettle 0,5L Eco-Black
Kettle 1L
Kettle 1L Base
Kettle 1L
Macy 120V USA
Koffie Machine Cup
Coffee Machine
Hotel Coffee Machine
Cups – Glasses
Cosi – Touch
Cups - Glasses Cosi – Touch
A hospitality tray is a must for every hotel room. With a welcome tray you offer your guests in room coffee and tea facilities. Roootz has a wide range of hotel trays. The models vary from budget-friendly to luxury versions. The trays and kettles are also available separately. Are you looking for a Nespresso tray in artificial leather with a drawer for compact and dust-free storage of the tea bags, sugar bags and coffee cups? Or a hospitality tray with a recess and anti-theft protection for a kettle. You can mix and match you own hospitality tray at roootz. Would you like to include cups or glasses? No problem! We can even provide the cups with your hotel logo for you. Would you rather use your own hotel kettle? Or do you have your own coffee machine? That is also an option. Take a look at our trays or request a quote for all our welcome tray models.

What makes the roootz hospitality trays so special?

• 2-year warranty, high quality – luxurious look
The roootz hospitality trays are designed in the Netherlands. They have a very high quality and a luxurious appearance. All roootz hospitality trays come with a standard warranty of 2 years. With this, roootz wants to assure the customer that the hospitality trays are really of top quality.

• Hospitality trays with an innovative design
Roootz supplies exclusive hospitality trays with an innovative design. The roootz hospitality trays are designed with an eye for detail. Every detail is made with the utmost precision, and strict quality checks are carried out during production to ensure that the roootz hospitailty trays look perfect.

• Complete welcome tray sets for sale
It is possible to purchase a complete welcome tray at once. In addition to the hospitality trays, roootz also has kettles, coffee machines, cups, glasses, and even spoons available. Buying a welcome tray at roootz means getting all the supplies delivered in one order.

• Sustainable hospitality trays
The roootz hospitality trays are durable. They have a very long lifespan and roootz plants a tree for every 3 hospitality trays sold in collaboration with WeForest. Buying welcome trays from roootz therefore automatically means making a contribution to a greener earth, less CO2 in the air and hospitality trays that last a very long time.

• Available from stock
The roootz hospitality trays are available from stock. So no waiting for months, just order and get it delivered super fast.

• Anti-theft system and gliders
The roootz hospitality trays are equipped with gliders to prevent damage to furniture and with cable entries so that the cord of the kettle can be neatly concealed. Some of the trays are equipped with an anti-theft system, which means that the kettle is attached to the trays. (this is the case with all roootz ABS trays)

• Compact Welcome Trays
When designing the welcome trays, the most important detail is that the hospitality trays have to be compact. Most hotel rooms suffer from a lack of space. Compact hotel products are essential for these hotels. Two of the roootz hospitality trays are equipped with a drawer so that the coffee cups, tea bags, sugar sachets and spoons can be stored dust-free. Due to this drawer, the tray takes up less space, and it is still possible to offer hotel guests all the luxury.

• To think along with the customer
Roootz likes to think along with its customers. Does the customer have their own kettle and does he want to know whether it fits on the hospitality trays? No problem. The roootz team is always available to check this for its customer. Is a customer looking for a hospitality tray in a different color or material? For example, a white hospitality tray or a welcome tray made of wood? Because roootz is in close contact with its manufacturers, there are endless possibilities. Just a phone call or an email, and roootz is happy to help its customers.

• Customized hospitality trays
roootz is also the right supplier for a hospitality tray special. Thanks to good cooperation with the production department and a large degree of flexibility, roootz is able to make a design in the short term and to produce a sample together with the customer and the factory and to start mass production. Whether it concerns a standard model of the roootz hospitality trays in a different size or color, or a completely new hospitality tray model; Roootz likes to think along with its customers and the possibilities are endless.
A few examples:
*A hospitality tray incorporated in a tray, for example on a cruise ship or in a hotel room. This could be a wooden hospitality tray or a tray of artificial leather in the same dimensions as the tray.
*A custom hospitality tray that fits in a niche in the cupboard, or on the desk
*A hospitality tray with your own logo or with your own hotel branding on it
*A tray for the minibar in which there are also recesses for chips / nuts
The roootz hospitality trays have been delivered to hundreds of hotels worldwide. An extensive reference list can be found on the reference page..

• Speed ​​– Service – Quality
Roootz would like to give it’s customers 100% service and therefore guarantees that it will always respond to its customers within 24 hours. Whether it concerns a question, a request for quotation or an order, we will always be contacted within 24 hours. Buying a hospitality tray from roootz means that you can also count on very good service, fast and correct order processing, and high product quality.