Wall hooks to efficiently store hotel luggage racks

The Roootz HOOK Wall Hooks:
The roootz wall hooks can be easily mounted on the wall and can be used to efficiently store luggage racks on the wall. With limited space in a room hotels can still offer their guests the luxury of a luggage rack. The roootz hook wall hooks can be used with the Roootz Compact Luggage Racks. (in both stainless steel and wood)
The wall hooks can also be used for storing the Roootz Store Ironing Boards on the wall or in the wardrobe, and for storing clothes hangers or bags in the hotel room. Complete according to the Roootz Mix and Match concept!
The hooks are made of stainless steel with a matt black finish. Furthermore, the wall hooks have a leather cover. (available in black or brown leather) This gives the wall hooks a luxurious look and the leather ensures that the luggage racks cannot be damaged when they are placed on the hooks. More info? View the product page of the Roootz HOOK wall hooks here