Luxury hotelsteamer and Iron 2 in 1

Steamer voor Hotels Stomen en strijken 2 in 1 Roootz Smooth

New Hotel Product: The Roootz Hotelsteamer

Luxe Steamer for hotel rooms

We would like to introduce you to our ultra-modern hotelsteamer. With this steamer iron, hotels provide their guests with the latest innovations in ironing comfort in the hotel room. This hotelsteamer, a 2-in-1 ironing and steaming solution, will ensures your clothes always look impeccable.

The hotel steamer has an impressive power of 1500W and operates on a voltage of 220~240V with a frequency of 50/60 Hz. CE and CB approved, we meet the highest standards of quality and safety.
The soleplate is made of non-stick material, which ensures smooth gliding over fabrics without causing damage. The 2-in-1 function offers both iron and steamer in one device, giving you flexibility in use.

The steamer thermostat has two levels:
– Level 1 (90-120°C): suitable for delicate fabrics such as synthetics, silk and wool.
– Level 2 (120-150°C): ideal for cotton and linen.

The steam regulator also has two levels:
– Level 1: suitable for synthetic fabrics, silk and wool.
– Level 2: designed for cotton and linen.

For extra safety, the hotelsteamer is equipped with overheating protection and a red ‘in use’ light to indicate when the device is active. With a fast heat-up time of just 30 seconds and powerful bursts of steam, both vertically and horizontally, you can care for your clothes quickly and efficiently.
The self-cleaning system and anti-limescale function extend the lifespan of the steamer, while the 1.7 meter cord length and 1.88 kg weight ensure ease of use. The water tank has a capacity of 330 ml, which is sufficient for long-term use.

For added convenience, the hotelsteamer offers standby protection for 15 minutes and is equipped with a motion sensor with automatic shutdown after 5 minutes of inactivity. In addition, you can choose to mount it on the wall or hang it on the clothes rail, making the device easy to store and always within reach.
With our hotel steamer we strive to make the hotel stay as comfortable as possible.

View here the roootz smooth hotel steamer