Storage Box Coffee Cups / Teabags

Storage box for coffee capsules and tea for hotels | Sachet box roootz Bari

Storage box for coffee cups / tea bags made of MDF with matte black finish

Luxury Storage Box for hotels

The roootz Bari is a storage box for coffee cups, spoons, sugar and milk for use in hotel rooms.
With this storage box, everything can be stored neatly, dust-free, in one central place.
The roootz Bari coffee cup holder is very popular to offer guests a Nespresso machine in the room, and can also be combined with a kettle and tea bags.

The inlay in the storage box has round compartments for coffee cups on 2 sides. (space for 4 or 6 coffee cups) The hotel is free to choose how many cups are offered to guests.
It is also possible to use this storage box for tea bags and for coffee cups with a different size. By removing the inlay from the storage box the hotel can choose any option.
Mix & Match and find the perfect match!

This storage box can be used with:
-Coffee cups (Origin from Nespresso®) in the inlay
-Coffee cups (Vertuo from Nespresso®) loose in the large compartment
-Coffee pods (Professional from Nespresso®) loose in the large compartment
-Tea bags loose in the large compartment
-Spoons, sugar packets, chocolate/cookie in the front compartment

View the roootz bari capsule box here