Ironing station hotel

What is an ironing Station Hotel?

An hotel ironing station is used to iron clothes in the hotel room. Clothes can wrinkle during travel in the trolley or suitcase. With an ironing station set available in the hotel room it is possible to iron the clothes before wearing them.

How does a hotel ironing set look like?

An ironing station for a hotel is equipped with a hanging hook that makes it possible to store the ironing set in the wardrobe. Furthermore, the ironing station is equipped with a dry iron or a steam iron that have been specially developed for hotels. An ironing station is often equipped with an anti-theft system in order to prevent hotel guest to carry the iron home in their suitcase.

Where do you find a hotel ironing set in a hotel room?:

Hotel rooms are usually not very spacious. The ironing sets are therefore foldable and can often be found in the wardrobe in the room. It is also possible to hang the ironing station set on a wall hook in the hotel room. Perfect to show to guests that there is an ironing set available in the hotel room.


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Hotel ironing station - compact model with iron holder, iron and hanging hook

What types of hotel ironing sets are available?

*Compact hotel ironing sets for use on the desk. (foldable)
* Hotel ironing set with hanging hook (hang in the wardrobe / on a wall hook)
* Hotel ironing set with anti-theft system for the iron
There is a suitable ironing station for every hotel room. The colours vary from modern black frame with anthracite cover to white frames with a coloured cover.

The advantages of an ironing station in the hotel room at a glance:

-Compact foldable
-Easy to store in the wardrobe or on the wall
-Can be folded in and out with 1 hand movement thanks to the handy hook at the bottom of the ironing surface
-Ironing at an ergonomic height
-Extra luxury and comfort
-Positive contribution to the guest experience
-Time saving
-Hotel irons with safety features

Ironing station Hotel order

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