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Welcome trays in hotel rooms will offer an extra luxurious hotel experience to the hotel guests. Welcome tray sets contributes to a positive hotel experience. A welcome tray makes it possible to chill and relax in the hotel room while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.

The roootz welcome trays are part of the standard equipment for hotel rooms. All roootz welcome tray sets can be equipped with a kettle and/or a coffee machine and of course cups and glasses. The welcome trays can be equipped with coffee cups, tea bags, spoons, sugar, milk biscuits and chocolate. In this way, the hotel can add a luxurious experience to the hotel visit.

Roootz has a wide range of welcome trays. The roootz welcome tray sets are available in different colours, materials and sizes. There is a suitable tray for every hotel. Roootz is working with the mix & match principle. The Roootz welcome tray sets can be combined with various kettles, coffee machines, coffee cups in multiple colors and tea glasses. It is also possible to provide the cups and glasses with a hotel logo, or to place your own A5 leaflet on the trays. This will make the coffee and tea experience even more personal! You can order complete welcome tray sets at roootz.

What are the advantages of a plastic/ABS welcome tray?

A plastic Welcome tray is scratch-resistant and very robust. The tray will not damage easily and can be used for years. The plastic roootz (ABS) welcome tray has an integrated kettle base and the bottom of the tray has an anti-theft protection. The kettle base is attached to the tray, and couldn’t be taken in the suitcase. The trays have compartments with rounded corners which makes cleaning easier. The trays are made of heat-resistant material (ABS).


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Welcome Tray Wood for Hotel Benefits

What are the advantages of wooden welcome trays?

A wooden welcome tray gives a warm and luxurious look to the hotel room. Wooden welcome tray sets can match very nicely with the rest of the wooden furniture in the hotel room, or the welcome tray can be an eye-catcher if it deviates from the standard colour used in the hotel room.

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