Suitcase Rack hotel & suitcase holder hotel room:

What is a Suitcase Rack Hotel?

A suitcase rack hotel is used to place a suitcase or trolley while packing and unpacking. With a suitcase holder hotel room, it is easy to keep personal belongings in one place in the hotel room, and hotel guests have access to their luggage at an ergonomic height.

What does a suitcase holder hotel room look like?

A Suitcase Rack hotel has a frame of wood or metal and is equipped with sturdy straps to carry heavy suitcases or trolleys. The bottom of a suitcase holder is equipped with gliders to protect the floor from damage. Furthermore, a suitcase rack in a hotel is usually not only practical, but also designed with eye for details in a way that the suitcase holder fits nicely into the design of the hotel room.

Where can you find a Suitcase Rack in a hotel room:

Hotel rooms are usually not very spacious. A hotel has a few square meters per room only to provide the hotel guest with all comfort. A luggage rack is often unfolded ready to be used in a corner of the room, near the mirror or next to the desk. However, it is also possible to place a folded suitcase rack in the hotel room in the wardrobe or under the bed. The fact that it is possible to fold and unfold the Suitcase Racks gives more flexibility in using the limited hotel room space and still provide the hotel guests with the luxury of a Suitcase Rack.


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Suitcase rack hotel leather straps black steel and stainless steel

What kind of suitcase holders are common?

* Hotel suitcase holder made of wood
* Stainless steel Suitcase Rack hotel
* Suitcase rack hotel made of steel with powder coated finish
* Suitcase holder hotel room with leather straps
* Suitcase holder hotel room with nylon straps
* Suitcase rack hotel room with leather or fabric upholstery
There is a suitable material or a suitable colour for every hotel room. The range is also endless in terms of models. Options vary from XXL luggage racks to compact luggage racks and from robust frames to slim frames.

The advantages of a suitcase rack in the hotel room at a glance:
-Conveniently store your suitcase, overnight bag or hand luggage
-Packing and unpacking at an ergonomic height
-Foldable frame
-Personal belongings in 1 place on the luggage rack in the hotel room
-Extra luxury and comfort
-Positive contribution to the guest experience
-Time saving for housekeeping

Suitcase rack Hotel order

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