Hospitality Tray with Nespresso vertuo coffee machine

Roootz hospitality trays with Nespresso Vertuo

Nespresso has introduced a new coffee machine; The Nespresso Vertuo.
A luxury coffee machine to prepare various types of coffee by using coffee cups. This coffee machine has a rotatable watertank and is therefore flexible in size. Roootz has tested this coffee machine and we have good news! This coffee machine fits perfectly on the roootz hospitality trays.

For our hospitality trays we have chosen to move the watertank to the back of the machine. The coffee machine takes up less space in width in this way.

  • Roootz Napoli Tray:For the Roootz Napoli tray it is possible to store 4 to 8 Vertuo coffee cups in the drawer. Next to the coffee machine it’s possible to place 2 cups or glasses on the tray as well as a kettle.
  • Roootz Venezia Hospitality Tray:For the roootz Venezia tray it is possible to place 2 Vertuo coffee cups in one of the storage compartments. Would you like to give your hotel guests more coffee capsules during their stay? It is also possible to put it on the tray in front of the leaflet holder. There is also enough space for the kettle and the cups or glasses.

The roootz Napoli welcome trays with the Vertuo coffee machine and waterkettle base + Cups:
Roootz Koffie en Thee Tray met Nespresso Vertuo Koffie machine

The roootz Venezia coffee and tea trays with the Vertuo coffee machine and kettle base:
Hospitality tray met Nespresso Vertuo Koffie machine

Vertuo Coffee Machine Measurements:

Nespresso Vertuo Koffie machine AfmetingenNespresso Vertuo Koffie machine Afmetingen

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