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What to expect from a Roootz luggage rack hotel?

Roootz designs, produces and sells high quality luggage stands for hotels. All Roootz luggage racks are designed with an eye for detail and functionality. The luggage racks are therefore very nicely finished.

The luggage racks can be customized according to the customers wishes. For example, it is possible to provide the suitcase stand with your own logo on the frame or on the straps. The luggage stand can also be produced in different sizes or colours. This makes it possible to adjust the luggage racks in a way they fit in every hotel room and the branding of the hotel.

Roootz only uses the best high-quality materials for its luggage racks. The roootz suitcase stands are equipped with strong straps in nylon or leather to carry heavy suitcases without any problems. The main material for the Roootz luggage stand wood is European Beech wood, but roootz also offers luggage racks in stainless steel or powder coated steel. Furthermore, all luggage stands are finished with gliders to protect the floor against scratches. All Roootz products are sold with a 2-year warranty. Furthermore, Roootz can supply more than 60 different luggage racks from stock. With its products, Roootz wants to make a unique contribution to creating attractive hotel rooms.

Where are luggage stands used?

Luggage Stands are specially designed for the hotel industry. At most hotels, luggage racks can be found in the rooms, but luggage stands are also used in other places where people stay temporarily, such as hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, bed and breakfasts and cruise ships. Luggage racks are also used at home, for example in the guest room, or in the bedroom of people who travel a lot. A pilot or stewardess, or a businessman, for example.

How many kilos can a luggage rack carry?

A good luggage rack can carry at least 60 kg. In that case it is possible to place 2 well-filled suitcases on one luggage rack. In most cases, however, the luggage rack will be used with one suitcase or one trolley at a time so that it is also accessible to put things in or take out.


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Wall hook for suitcase stand hotel

Is it possible to store a luggage rack on the wall hook?

Yes, it is possible to hang a luggage rack on wall hooks. There are special wall hooks for sale with which a luggage rack can be attached to the wall. In that case, the luggage rack hangs on the 2 wall hooks, and can be removed by the hotel guest from the hooks to display it and put the suitcase on it. The use of wall hooks ensures that there is sufficient space in the hotel room. (for example for hotel guests who stay for a very short time and only take a handbag with them). The wall hooks also offer the hotel the option of making 2 luggage stands available per room. One luggage rack is then unfolded in the room, the other luggage rack hangs on the wall (or in the wardrobe). This stored luggage rack can be unfolded if the hotel guest has brought 2 suitcases.

Are there any alternatives to a folding luggage rack?

In addition to a separate (folding) luggage rack, it is also possible to build in a luggage stand into the special furniture. In that case, the luggage stand cannot be folded and is placed in a fixed place in the hotel room. By using a luggage rack in the hotel room in this way, unity is created, but it also makes the room layout less flexible.

Another trend is to integrate the luggage stand into the seating furniture. For example, some hotels place an ottoman instead of a suitcase carrier. This ottoman can then be used to sit on as well as to place the suitcase or trolley when packing or unpacking. Another possibility is to integrate a luggage stand into a (bed) bench. This bench is placed at the foot of the bed or against the wall in the hotel room and is equipped with a seating area and a section on which the suitcase can be placed.

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