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What is a hospitality tray?

A hospitality tray is a tray or welcome tray (with or without a drawer) for presentation of a kettle, coffee machine, cups and other supplies to give hotel guests a coffee and tea experience in the hotel room. A hospitality tray is often used in a hotel room to serve hotel guests with coffee and tea, but hospitality trays are also very popular in hospitals, on cruise ships or in offices.

What does a hotel tray look like?

Hospitality trays are available in many shapes and sizes. There are hospitality trays with a drawer for dust-free storage of tea bags, coffee cups, spoons, etc. Perfect for the housekeeping staff. They do not have to spend a lot of time cleaning the tray.
Hospitality trays with an integrated kettle base are also popular. The kettle base is integrated into the tray and fixed with an anti-theft system. By using hospitality trays with an anti-theft system hotels want to prevent guests from taking kettles home.
Many hotels choose for an comprehensive hospitality tray to offer hotel guests a kettle and a (nespresso) coffee machine in the hotel room. The coffee capsules and the tea bags are stored in the tray. (together with some sweets / chocolates) The hotel guest has direct access to all this luxury.

Where can you find a hospitality tray in a hotel room:

A hospitality tray can often be found on the desk in the hotel room or in a niche in the cupboard. In any case, a hospitality tray is always clearly visible. Some hotels place the hospitality trays on the minibar or close to the minibar to give Hotel visitors an immediate overview of all the food and drinks in the hotel room.


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What types of hotel trays are available?

*Plastic (ABS) hospitality trays
*Hospitality trays made of atificial leather (with or without tray)
*Wooden hospitality trays
*Compact hospitality trays made of wood or plastic
*Melamine hospitality trays
*Hotel trays with a mix of materials, for example a combination of wood and artificial leather

The advantages of a hotel tray at a glance:
-Extra luxury and comfort
-All coffee and tea supplies together in 1 place
-Time saving housekeeping
-Positive contribution to the guest experience

Hospitality tray order

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