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Tree Donation WeForest Roootz

Good news! Roootz has planted 1029 trees in Zambia in 2020 in collaboration with WeForest. The total number of trees planted is now 4720. We are proud and grateful to contribute to a better world by selling our luggage racks, hospitality trays and ironing stations.

How do we do this? When purchasing 3 products from the roootz product range, roootz plants a tree in collaboration with Weforest. The first 4 years we contributed to a project in India. This India project is completely finished! In 2020 we started with trees for a project in Zambia.

Why do we do this? Roootz would like to do something to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere and fight global warming. Trees are one of the most effective ways to stop global warming because of the carbon they remove from the atmosphere.

Trees also help to balance the water cycle and improve soil fertility. Want to read more about how planting trees can help reduce CO2 in the atmosphere? Have a look at our WeForest website, we would like to inspire more companies to do something good for our planet.

3691 Trees planted by Roootz & WeForest

WeForest 3691 Trees Planted | ROOOTZ Hotel Products

With the purchase of every 3 Roootz Luggage Racks 1 tree will be planted in India.

Roootz has donated to plant 1291 trees over the year 2019. The total  number of trees donated by roootz is now 3691!

Trees are one of the most effective solutions to halt global warming due to the carbon they remove from the atmosphere. 

Trees also contribute to balancing the water cycle and improving soilfertility.

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time in now!

Want to read more about how planting trees can contribute to reducing CO2 in the atmosphere? Please take a look at our WeForest website.

We hope to inspire more companies to do something for our planet. 

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New roootz luggage rack:

Stainless Steel Luggage Racks | Hotel Suitcase Stands
New! The roootz compact luggage rack in stainless steel

  • Welded stainless steel with brushed chrome finish
  • Easy fold-up design for space-saving storage
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Designed in the Netherlands
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Three strong straps
  • Roootz plants a tree for every 3 luggage racks sold

The well-known roootz luggage rack “The Roootz Compact Luggage Rack” is now also available in stainless steel. Roootz is super proud of this brand new sturdy and stable luggage rack!  This Luggage Rack is available from stock with 6 different strap options. (leather and nylon)

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2400 Trees planted WeForest | Roootz

WeForest 2400 trees planted | Roootz Hotel Products

Roootz looks back on a successful 2018 with great orders, a top reference list and a great team of distributors, designers and re-sellers who sell our luggage racks with great enthusiasm. We would like to thank all hotels, B & Bs and healthcare institutions for choosing the roootz luggage racks in 2018.

Thanks to your fantastic orders, roootz will plant 1100 trees in collaboration with WeForest over the year 2018.  Roootz has now planted  2400 trees in total and we are proud of that!

Want to read more about how planting trees can contribute to reducing CO2 in the atmosphere? Please take a look at the WeForest website.

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Conscious Hotels has choosen the roootz luggageracks!

Roootz is “green”! For every 3 products sold we plant a tree. We are proud that Conscious Hotel Museum Square in Amsterdam has selected the roootz compact luggagerack for their hotel rooms. Not only the hotel rooms have a durable interior; the hotel aims to be as green and environmentally friendly as possible. What a nice thought and how nice to be part of it.

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roootz donates to WeForest

Roootz would like to contribute to a healthier climate, a greener planet and restoring our planet’s natural resources. How does roootz do this? We do this in cooperation with WeForest; an international non-profit association whose mission is to create and promote a pioneer movement in large scale sustainable reforestation. With the purchase of every 3 roootz products, roootz will plant one tree in cooperation with Check how many trees we have planted on our WeForest page.

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